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 Use this option to transfer your domain to us from another registrar. 
when you transfer your domain from another registrar to us, your web 
site will continue to function without any down time. Neither your
hosting company nor your name servers will change.

There are no fees for executing the transfer the only fees will be the
registration fees. If the transfer request is rejected for any one of 
the following reasons then a processing fee of $5.00 will be applicable.

Once your transfer is completed no mater how early this was done you will
not loose any part of the original registration that was paid for with your
original registrar. Our effective start date will be from the expiry date 
you had with your original registrar. 

IMPORTANT - You cannot transfer a domain under the following condition: 
- The domain has been registered (transferred) less than 60 days ago.
- The domain is on HOLD.
- Existing registrar has the name locked for either non-payment or at the end users request.
- The domain has passed its expiration date.
- The domain has 4 days left for expiry
- You don't have access to the current Admin Contact e-mail or Admin Contact
doesn't approve the transfer within 5 days after the request or Admin Contact
cancels the transfer request.

Make sure that you meet the conditions of the transfer before you make the transfer
request to avoid a processing fee charge on the event of rejection due to any one
of the reasons above.



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