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When your register through, you are the domain owner, and are
responsible for all changes and management of your domain. Account changes
can be made by logging into the Management Server.

In order to protect domain owners, only you can access your account. staff are prohibited from making database updates on your behalf 
unless you specifically authorize us to do so using a specific procedure. 
If the Account Management functions are inadequate for your needs, or if you lose your
password, or if you have other problems related to your account, please contact us
at We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.


You are able to change any administrative information for your domain including the
owner information, without paying additional fees. You may change your
registration information as often as you like. Unlike many other registrars who
charge a fee for transferring a domain between owners, we do not.

You have total control over your designation of the Owner. Administrative, Technical
and Billing contacts. If you want to change ISPs, you can change the technical
contact information and change the nameserver pointers and submit your changes
without notifying us.

You may designate other people (SUB-USERS) to have access to specific
registration areas so they can perform certain maintenance functions. You can
assign various duties to SUB-USERS without relinquishing control over the account
as a whole.

Domain Name Servers

Your subscription entitles you to Domain Name Service from us.
When you setup your domain, the domain name server entries required for
registration are automatically pointed to our Nameservers. You can change the
nameserver information at anytime after registration, and you do not need to
contact us to do so. Please be sure your new ISP provides you with correct
Technical Contact information to enter into your registration record. 

Billing Information

You pay for your initial registration by MasterCard or Visa or American Express. 
You may select a registration period between 1 and 10 years, and the total billed 
will be the registration period multiplied by the annuak amount. If necessary, 
other payment arrangements may be made by contacting

Permission for to modify your Registration Data.

You must specifically authorize to act on your behalf. You need 
to contact us at and request that we provide you with 
authorization information.

You then log into the management screen on the Management Server by entering your 
domain name, username and password.

You then select the option for setting up a SUB-USER, enter the
username/password we provide you, then click YES on the areas you want us to modify. 
Finally, SAVE the change.



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