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A tucows RSP is now accepting "pre-registrations" and "advance registrations" for .ca names. 

In the near future, the .CA domain registry function will be undertaken by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority ("CIRA").

Advance Registrations 

On or around 11/01/00 (date still tentative), CIRA will begin accepting new .ca registrations, under much less stringent registration restrictions. Previously, .ca registrants were only allowed one registration per individual/organization, and there were further rules restricting access to the .ca space to federally incorporated organizations. a Tucows RSP is now accepting advance registration requests for new .ca domain name. These requests will be kept in a queue until November 1, 2000, at which point CIRA will open its systems to the registrars' advance registration queues.

Essentially, the only restrictions for new .ca registrations are that the registrant must be any of the following:

1. Canadian citizens 
2. A Permanent Canadian resident or legal representative of aforementioned  Canadian corporations, trusts, partnerships. and associations.

In anticipation of the 'opening of access' registrar4less a opensrs reseller is accepting advance registrations for .ca names right now!

Pricing for .ca
Pricing for .ca registrations :- 
Price includes the Canadian GST (Goods and Service Tax)
$29.50 US /year.
Further details on handling the GST will be announced shortly.

1 year

US $   29.50
2 years UD $   54.50
3 Years US $   80.75
4 Years US $  105.50
5 Years US $  130.50
6 Years US $  156.00
7 Years US $  181.00
8 Years US $  206.00
9 years US $  231.00
10 Years US $  256.00

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